DFA June 2020 News

Hi to All…Happy June…Happy Father’s Day 2020!!!

The club is open with individual lessons being given. There is no group sparring at this time.


Not much to report on any up-coming tournaments as they have all been cancelled.
The USFA sends out weekly reports and updates to Division Officers and club owners.
We want to get the competitive fencing season back up and running, but it will take time.


For our DFA fencers who may be returning to the club in June, let me know. Lesson days and times were changed during the pandemic to accommodate fencers who had to shift their fencing lesson schedule due to online classes and other family needs.

Following all State and Local and CDC guidelines, we do ask our fencers to adhere to the following items:

  • Please wear a face covering coming to and leaving the club
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • Please adhere to social distance
  • Temperatures will be taken when you come to the club
  • If you are sick, stay home
  • If you are not feeling well, even if it is due to allergies, stay home

If we are all well and healthy, the club will be well and healthy and we can all fence!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe month of June and the beginning of Summer on June 20!

To all you dads, a very happy and wonderful Father’s Day!

Blissful fencing to all,

Leslie, the fencing coach

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