DFA May 2020 News

Hi to All…Happy May…Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Not much to report on any up-coming tournaments as they have either been cancelled or moved back to a tentative later date.

Quite understandable but still sad for the fencers who trained so hard to compete in up-coming Nationals, World Cups and, certainly, the Olympics.

Our very own DFA saber fencer, Alec Gibson, worked and trained very hard to qualify for the 2020 Summer Nationals, which has been postponed.

Our San Bernardino Division tournament season ended in mid-March.
The March 21 tournament at Hemet High School was cancelled.
The April 4 tournament at College of the Desert was cancelled.
Ever the optimist, I’m still holding the May 16 tournament date at COD but, I do believe, I will be cancelling that tournament as well.

Too bad, DFA was having a real hot competitive season and our closest rival was Hemet High School. The March and April tournaments were going to be very exciting between our two clubs, we were neck and neck.

The April tournament is our last point event of the season and would determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes for our individual fencers, teams, clubs and the 3-weapon fencers.

May 16 would have been our end-of-season awards tournament, held at College of the Desert, with the trophies presented at that time.

However, good news, I did calculate the points from our September, November, December and February Division tournaments and it did come down to the wire between DFA and Hemet High School.


Men’s Foil: 1st, Paul Zappia, 3rd, Ronan Joyce
Men’s Team Foil: 1st, DFA (72 points) 2nd, Hemet High School (36 points)
Women’s Foil: 1st, Leslie Taft
Women’s Team Foil: 1st DFA (8 points)

Men’s Epee: 2nd, Kamin Morrelli, 3rd, Ronan Joyce
Men’s Team Epee: 1st, DFA (290 points), 2nd, Hemet HS (170 points)
Women’s Epee: 2nd, Leslie Taft, 3rd, Jane White
Women’s Team Epee: 1st, DFA (41 points)

Men’s Saber: 1st Alec Gibson, 2nd Dan Qu
Men’s Team Saber: 1st, DFA (240), 2nd Hemet HS (122 points)
Women’s Saber: 1st, Leslie Taft, 2nd, Dagmar Quintero
Women’s Team Saber: 1st, DFA

Men’s 3-Weapon: 1st, Dennis Stephen, DFA, (59 points)
Women’s 3-Weapon: 1st, Leslie Taft, DFA, (104 points)

Men’s Overall Team: 1st, DFA (602 points), 2nd Hemet HS (328)
Women’s Overall Team: 1st, DFA (167 points)

Overall Division Team: 1st, DFA (769 points), 2nd, Hemet HS (328 points)

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