DFA September 2020 News

Hi to All…Happy September 2020!!!

DFA will be closed, Labor Day, Monday, September 2020.

Individual lessons continue at the club. There is no group sparring at this time.


Well, we might just have some…at the club, with our own club members, limited to 6 fencers.

The USFA and our Division will sanction tournaments. We can run our own tournaments at our club with our fencers and they can earn ratings!

We are starting slowly and limiting the number to 6 fencers and our club members only.

I am hoping to make this happen sometime in October, on a Saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m.

I believe most of our competitive fencers have renewed their USFA membership for this season. Parents, if your fencer is 13 years of age (or older), and has already started to fence electric at the club, they might want a piece of this competitive action and we would get them in to one of our club tournaments.

Go online to www.usfencing.org. You can complete the membership form online. This would be a wonderful opportunity to have your fencer begin competing in a small tournament at the club with our fencers. You fencer may even earn a rating! But, your fencer has to be a member of the USFA before all this can happen.

USFA membership is $75 until the end of September, then goes up to $85 October 1st.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe month of September

Leslie, the fencing coach

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