DFA March 2021 News

Hi to All…Happy March…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


We are resuming mini saber and epee fencing tournaments at the club!

Our Saturday, February 27, 2021, 7-fencer mini saber tournament was a BIG hit! (Pun intended)! Making their competitive saber debut were Alex Allen and Chloe Sontz.

(left-right): 7th place, our epee fencer, David Greene, 6th place, Alex Allen, 5th Place, Chloe Sontz, 4th place, Dominic Whittaker (who earned his E20 rating in October). 3rd place, Creighton Tucker, 2nd place, Dan Qu, 1st place, Josiah Llapitan (earning his E21 saber rating!).

We even had parents come and watch the action: Chloe’s mom watched as did Alex’s mom and dad and Josiah’s mom and dad. Glad to have the parents with us!

Our next mini tournament will be Saturday, March 6, a 6-fencer mini epee tournament.

All these mini tournaments are sanctioned by the USFA, which means ratings will be awarded, as well as medals for 1st-4th place. It’s a great way for our DFA fencers to actually get their feet wet in competing in their respective weapon without the stress of participating in a large tournament setting.

Our goal is to continue hosting these mini tournaments at the club up until the end of the fencing season in July. Also planned are 3-fencer team events on Saturdays.

Everyone, please continue what you are already doing…wearing masks, bringing a water bottle, keeping distance. It all works for everyone.

Wishing everyone a blissful March and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

– Leslie, the fencing coach

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