DFA June 2021 News

Hi to All…Happy June…Happy Summer…Happy Father’s Day!!!

To all you dads, wishing you an awesome Father’s Day!!!


Now that AP testing is done and the school year almost completed and everyone getting vaccinated, we are enjoying more fencers at our Saturday Saber and Epee morning and afternoon electric sparring!!

It’s great to have everyone back and everyone is having a good time and fencing well.

Three of our DFA fencers have graduated from high school:
Josiah Llapitan, from Palm Valley High School
Ryan Sebti, from Xavier College Prep (who was Valedictorian!)
Dominic Whittaker, from Xavier College Prep

Josiah Llapitan, Palm Valley High School
Ryan Sebti, Valedictorian, Xavier College Prep
Dominic Whittaker, Xavier College Prep

Congratulations to the three boys, and to their parents!!

Wishing everyone a fun June and a great Father’s Day to all you dads and, as always, blissful fencing.

  • Leslie
    the fencing coach

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