DFA July 2021 News

Hi to All…Happy July…Happy Independence Day!!!


DFA will be closed Monday, July 26 and re-open Monday, August 16.

It’s been a long time since the coach took a vacation and after a year of Covid, everyone needs a rest.

School for many will be starting in August. We will know soon enough if we are virtual, in-person or hybrid.
For many, fencing lesson days and times may need to be changed to accommodate everyone’s school schedule.

Fencers who have been away for the summer may return to their lesson day and time, or, move to another day/time as their school schedule demands.

Fencers who took their spots during the summer, we will keep you, but may have to move you to a different day/time.

We’ll get it all done. And, even though the club will be closed, you can still call, text or email me regarding any schedule changes you may need to make.


COD and UC Riverside may still be unavailable for Division tournaments. UCR fencing coach, Ken Wheeler, and I are looking at other possible venues that are interested in hosting our tournaments. We might not be able to put on the big tournaments as we did pre-Covid, but we should be able to host medium-sized tournaments. Ken and I are working on details.


Thanks again to all you fencers and parents for your support for DFA and me this past 2020 to present 2021 with Covid. We came through it okay, and I thank you all very much.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 4th of July celebration, and blissful fencing,

Leslie, the fencing coach

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