DFA January 2022 News

Hi to All…Happy January…Happy New Year!!!

Hopefully it will be a softer and gentler year!!!

We are keeping with our current fencing schedule while keeping an eye on the Omicron variant.
We want to keep everyone fencing and safe.

Please continue to wear a face mask in the club when you are not fencing.
Please remember to bring your own water bottle.
If you are not feeling well, please let me know you are not coming and stay home.

A “For Your Information” item for the new year.

I know there are many school holidays that fall on a Monday or a Friday.

DFA will close for major holidays and observances, such as, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, however, for everything else, DFA will be open.

If your school will be closed on a Monday or Friday, please let me know so I can re-schedule lessons.

I will always post here on the DFA website and in the DFA newsletter when the club will be closed.

Wishing everyone a happy January and new year!

Leslie, the fencing coach

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