DFA July 2022 News

Hi to all the DFA Fencers and Parents,

Happy July, Happy Independence Day (#246)!!

DFA will be open on Saturday, July 2, for lessons and sparring.

DFA will be closed on Monday, July 4th.


June was a fun and exciting month at DFA.

Saber fencer, Dan Qu, graduated from high school and is on his way to UC Santa Cruz to study computer science.

His last day at DFA was Saturday, June 18. All the saber fencers came to say their farewells and have one last time to cross sabers with Dan on the fencing strip.

Back row left to right: Dennis Stephen, Dan Qu, Peter Zappia, Ian Amick, Nick Richardson
Front row, left to right: Alex Allen, Coach Leslie, Cassius Crover, Rocco Marshall,
A more serious photo!
Dan’s mom, Jing, Dan, Coach Leslie

We also had a saber birthday party for saber fencer Xavier Johns at DFA on Thursday, June 23, which celebrated his 11th birthday!

Each and every fencer there fencing also had a parent on hand to watch their fencer, and all the fencers, compete with each other. Now that is wonderful and praise to all the parents for being there and supporting all the fencers!!

Saber fencers left to right: Birthday boy Xavier Johns, Donray Pate, brother and sister Aiden and Abby Stockton, Caleb Kassinove

Enjoy a happy July!!!

Leslie, the fencing coach

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