DFA June 2023 News

Hi to All…Happy June…Happy Summer…Happy Father’s Day!!!

There is lots of DFA June news this month!

Firstly, to all you Dads, Happy Father’s Day. You support your fencer, you bring them to their lessons and you pay for their lessons! You Dads Rock! And thank you for your support!


Three DFA fencers have graduated from high school, two are off to college, one is off to a career.

Ethan de Jesus, attending San Marcos, Music and Business
Mia Theel, attending American University in Switzerland
Evan Nicol, pursuing a career with In N’ Out Burger

And, another wonderful life travel adventure for one of our adult epee fencers, Brandon Millan, and his wife, Amanda, who fly to Paris on June 10, then travel to Spain where they begin their 45 day, 538 mile pilgrimage to Saint Jacques (James) de Compostelle! Walking the famous Middle Ages pilgrimage to venerate the relic of St. James, staying in hostels and monasteries along the way and finally refreshing themselves at a beautiful Spanish beach!

Speaking of epee fencers…the club now has, in addition to Brandon, James & Marsela, Emma & Alvie, Diamond, Jacob, Aaron and Steffi! Nine new epee fencers!
And James, Diamond, Jacob and Aaron are all six feet and taller and are left handed!
We’ve never had so many left handed epeeists before at the club .
We will have an awesome epee team!

Speaking of teams leads us into competition:

I want to hold a saber and epee tournament at DFA during the summer so our fencers can get competition experience and earn ratings.

I need to know vacation schedules so I can schedule those tournaments when everyone is here and can participate.

Additional sparring days during the summer:

If you will be staying around the desert during the summer and would like more opportunities to saber or epee spar in addition to the Saturday sparring, Mondays, 4:00-6:00pm for epee fencing.
Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00pm for saber.

Let me know. Trying to give everyone an extra day to spar in their weapon.

If you are going to be away during the months of June, July and August, please let me know so I can change/rearrange lesson schedules for the summer. We’ll put everyone back in their original lesson spot come the Fall.

Wishing everyone an awesome June and to all you Dads, a Happy Father’s Day!!!

Leslie, the fencing coach

DFA 2023 Saber Team
Back Row (l-r): Gil Maruvada, Aiden Stockton, Peter Zappia, Alec Gibson
Front Row (l-r): Rocco Marshall, Abby Stockton, Cassius Crover
Down in front
Coach Leslie

DFA Epee Team
Left to right:
Reese Frenter, Maksim Solonovich, Coach Leslie, Cole Robinson, Nick Richardson
Nathan Park, Levi Kassinove, Gil Maruvada, Gary Kautz, David Greene

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